The Photographic Society of Petaling Jaya (PSPJ) is a photography club with a humble beginning born by a few photography enthusiasts in 1987. PSPJ till today still provides the same opportunities for its members to pursue, learn, practice and share the art of creating images with their cameras. Members ranging from newbies, amateurs, hobbyist and serious photographers gather regularly at our once-a-month meeting at Harmony Hall C-19-2, Dataran 3Two, Jalan 19/1, Seksyen 19, 46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, every first Saturday of the month.

Over the years, more than 2000 photography enthusiasts have walked through the door of PSPJ. During our monthly meetings, the main agenda is the photo sharing session, where photos submitted by members from images taken during our twice monthly outings are showcased. Members learn from the comments of the judges and members the salient points of the photos that were selected winners for each outing and advise members of the common mistakes in photography which often elude many photographers.

Our members of all ages and nationalities have kept alive the spirit of the club when it was founded, that is to “Enjoy Photography” among fellow photographers. With the many activities, photo sharing by guest speakers and members alike, PSPJ membership has been growing steadily as one of the few friendly and easy to blend in photo club that remain active and aspires to make a difference in photography in Malaysia. Senior members and Advisors are regular at meetings to share and guide learning photographers to learn and master this visual language as a special interest group. Contests and regular monthly outings are planned to provide passionate photo enthusiasts with photographic knowledge and action throughout the year.

In one sense, photography is still about pointing a camera at the world and capturing the momentary image that woos and wows its audience. The differentiation is how the photographer sees, interprets and creates the image that is subject to ones perception, thoughts and emotional connection to the scene and through this the sense of appreciation and admiration of its creativity and uniqueness.

The objectives of the Society are to:

  • Promote interest in photography.
  • Raise the quality and standard of photography in the country.
  • Develop photographic activities as an art and a science.
  • Foster understanding and harmony among races in Malaysia and from overseas in terms of culture and philosophy through photography.
  • Those who have an interest in photography by supporting the objectives of the Society and are at least 18 years old are welcomed to join as members by visiting the Membership section.

Committee 2019 / 2020
At the 32th AGM on Saturday, 6 April 2019, the club members nominated and elected their New President, Mr. Adee Too. The following Committee Members and Auditors were elected to hold office for the year 2019/2020:

PSPJ Elected New Committee Members Year 2019/2020

Main Committee Members :
President: Adee Too (also PR Committee)
Vice President: Sammy Loh (also PR Committee)
Secretary: Boey Tuck Sai (also Education Committee)
Assistant Secretary: Davy Choo (also Education Committee)
Treasurer: Victor Cheong (also Membership Committee)
Assistant Treasurer: Anthony Wong (also Membership Committee)

Ordinary Committee Members:
Ms. Hilda (Education Committee)
Mr. Albert Low (Outing Committee, Official Photographer)
Mr. B.K. Tan (Outing Committee, Official Photographer)
Mr. Jason Wee (Membership Committee, Official Photographer)
Mr. Robson Lai (Outing Committee)
Mr. Adwin Gan (Outing Committee)

Liang Meng Suan
Tee Yoon Poh

1. Mr. Patrick Foo
2. Mr. Raja Indra Putra (Ripi)

Committee 2018 / 2019

At the 31th AGM on Saturday, 7 April 2018, the club members nominated and elected their First Female President, Ms Michelle Michiko since the last woman president in 22 years ago. The following Committee Members and Auditors were elected to hold office for the year 2018/2019:

2018/2019 COMMITTESS

Photo Credit : Peter Chia
Main Committee Members :
President: Michelle Michiko
Vice President: Adee Too
Secretary: Boey Tuck Sai
Assistant Secretary: Fiqah Anugerah (resigned in October 2018)
Treasurer: Victor Cheong
Assistant Treasurer: Ellen Hui
Ordinary Committee Members:
Anandavelu Ponniah (Membership Committee) (resigned in December 2018)
Jason Wee (Membership Committee) (Appointed in January 2019)
Jacqueline Loh (Education Committee)
Loong Foo Ching
Peter Chia (Media Committee)
Sammy Loh (Media Committee)
Kok Yoon Lee
Lee Chee Yian
1. Mr. Goh Kheng Liang (KL Goh)
2. Mr. Justin Lai
3. Patrick Foo
4. Mr. Raja Indra Putra (Ripi)