2021 December| Monthly Photo Contest Results | Theme 1: Beauty of Kuala Selangor , Theme 2:Tasik Titiwangsa

The following showcases the results of PSPJ Monthly Photo Contest for December 2021.

The first theme of this month photo contest is “Beauty of Kuala Selangor”. Due to low submission rate, we do not have shortlist photos.

The second theme of this month photo contest is “Tasik Titiwangsa”.

Winning Photo

Best Photo by Albert Low (939)
Best Photo by Ellen Hui (2062)

Shortlisted Photos

These are shortlisted photos submitted to PSPJ Facebook group by PSPJ members.

By Albert Low (939)
By Albert Low (939)
By Alex Liew (2349)
By Alex Liew (2349)
By Chua Yuen Yee (2048)
By Ellen Hui (2062)

Shortlisted photos of the theme: Tasik Titiwangsa by
Albert Low (939), Alex Liew (2349), Chua Yuen Yee (2048), Alex Liew (2349) and Ellen Hui (2062)

PSPJ congratulates all shortlisted members for showcasing their best photos of Tasik Titiwangsa. Enjoy photography!