2019 APRIL – 2nd PSPJ Outing | Jalan Ampang | Architecture | Winners

Winners of April 2019 2nd Outing – 28th April 2019 (Sunday) | Jalan Ampang, KL | Theme: Architecture

Winning Photo by Md. Aziman
Winning Photo by Patrick Tan
Winning Photo by Patrick Tan
Group Photo with Mr. Adee Too (Outing Leader)

It was a special day for PSPJ. Members gather at SRJK “Lai Meng”. The location is near Maya Hotel, Jalan Ampang, the old Address of SRJK ” Lai Meng” School. We managed to take photograph and captured the last historical moment of the school, building and structure before it turns into commercial shop lot.

PSPJ members are so passionate about historical building and some even shared the story of the school, their friends, relatives, their memory about this place. It’s truly a day of “Enjoy Photography” for PSPJ!

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